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So finally decided to make a FAQ, so here may be answers for your question, and read this before asking :3

:bulletblue: How long have you been drawing?
If the silly childish "drawing" included, then I'm drawing as long as I remember (all my life). I started it more seriously/intensively since 2012 though

:bulletblue: How long does it take to do an artwork?
It depends on the type of artwork. Traditional takes 1-5 hours, digital 4-25 hours, and crafts... up to few months xD Not including the studies or personal issues

:bulletblue: What medium do you use?
For traditional at I usually use color pencils, black markers and pens, watercolors, gouache, acrylics.
For digital art, I use Huion GT-190 tablet monitor and Manga Studio art program.

:bulletblue: Did you had any art education?
Yes i did, I've finished Marijampolė Art School on 2013. Here's a pic of graduation :3 Final work: The world is in our hands by Drerika
Since graduating gymnasium, at the time I'm studying Ceramics at Kaunas Applied Art School.

:bulletblue: How did you became such a talented artist?
I can't say I'm very talented compared to other artists... But I guess I have a formula for that:
Practice + no fear + time + enjoying = your goal
Must admit that the goal is actually all your life practice. Since that's how artists works, when they make something, they always see some ways they could have made it better, and then they try to reach "perfection" with each work XD.

:bulletblue: What inspires you?
Movies, songs, clouds, books or other philosophical texts, works by other artist, casual things...more or less probably everything XD

:bulletblue: Why you love dragons so much?
Actually I like most of reptiles (not sure why, maybe of their scales or anatomy). I admired dinosaurs as well, and only then knew about dragons. I fell in love with those, because from early days I had a big imagination and loved fantasy. Those beasts were perfect for me XD So I got into dragon fandom and at first became kinda a dragon artist.
And so, fantasy helps me to survive reality...

:bulletblue: What else do you like to draw?
At the time my preference rather changed so I really like anthros now. But despite that, I actually can draw everything :3

:bulletblue: What else do you do despite drawing?
Drawing is my casual and maybe most usual type of art. But I also make sculptures and plushies, time to time dreamcatchers, scrapbooking and some more arts :3 I plan to make fursuits too.
Actually what I tried and didn't like was knitting! (it drives me crazy)

:bulletblue: Can I have art from you?
First off, check my art status on my profile what is currently open. I usually work for payment, since i try to make drawing as my job. Here you can find all the info about all my commission types  Drerika's Commissions by Drerika
Sorry, but most of the time my requests are closed and gifts are for friends only or for random people when I feel generous.
In art trades, I tend to have a partner, who has similar art skills as i do, so the trade could be fair. Info about my trading tendencies are here ;)  ART/CRAFT TRADES info Commissions ON HOLD. Fill a spot on my WAITING LIST
Digital | Traditional | Sculpting Plushies | Other Crafts | Fursuits - TBA
Art / Craft Trades: ASK


Do you have any characters?
I have a lot of them. All art of them are here :icondrers-stuff-club:.

:bulletblue: Do you have a persona?
Yes of course. And not only one:
Anthro lynx Luka 

Mature Content

Ref sheet: Luka III (final) by Drerika

Anthro dragoness Timėja 

Mature Content

Timeja Ref Sheet by Drerika

:bulletblue: Can I draw fanart of your characters?
Aboslutely! I really appreciate fanarts :heart:

:bulletblue: Can I use your works?
I don't think so, unless you bought it for your non-commercial/personal use and with full CREDITS for me as an artist. Commissioners or people whom I made the artwork, are able to reupload it to their galleries, with credits as well.
More over, copying, stealing or tracing isn't acceptable for ANYONE, so please be creative and do something by yourself. I recognize when something gets really "visually inspired", so if you still prefer to ignore any artist's preferences, then at least give them credits for the pose or anything you've highly used as reference!

:bulletblue: Do you have other accounts in other sites?
I'm mostly on DeviantArt, and FurAffinity. I have Weasyl, which I barely even use xD Meanwhile my Facebook and Skype are for personal non-art use. I do like to chat, but I'd give the contacts only if I know you well!
As for any other sites or social media stuff like Myspaces, Twitters, Instagrams or so - NOPE, I don't have those and do not ask me to make one!

Bullet; Blue What is your favourite color?
Most tones of blue (for example indigo) :3 But i also like purple, emerald blue, teal, turquoise, violet, purple.

:bulletblue: Can we be friends?
It's usually if we are friendly to each other, talk quite a lot and without pushing each other. Any relationships comes through time.
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MooseLTU Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
Neturi Snukiaknygės ( FB ) ir kitų nesąmonių... Tam tikra prasme tai taip žavu ir miela :D
Drerika Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student General Artist
wow....tiesiog nesusilaikiau ir pratrūkau dėl tavo lietuvių kalbos vertimo XD (that was epic...srsly :'D)
tiesiog nematau reikalų turėt paskalų vietelių...todėl nė vieno iš tų ir neturiu, o labiau linkus būti ten kur visi buriasi su tam tikra prasme, na štai DA dėl kūrybos :3
MooseLTU Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
Visą internetą kaip ir realią visuomenę galima suskirstyti į kastas. Kadangi tu buržujinka, logiška jog gyveni DA ir niekada neužsuki į skurdžių FB kvartalus, kur gyvena baudžiauninkai, kolūkiečiai ir likusi prastuomenė...
 Na, o aš pats toks valkata, benamis, kuris valkiojasi iš vietos į vietą... :dummy:
Drerika Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student General Artist
Vaja vaja...nebūk toks valkata, griepk savo laimės žagrę už rankenų ir valei koncentruotis kažkur vienoje vietoje, lesik savo šaknis! XD aišku nesakau kad yra blogai nesėslumas ir sėklos sėjimas visur XD......>> prašau nieko negalvoti perdaug tiktai!!!!
BananaIguana101 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nicely done FAQ !
Drerika Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist
ty :3
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